She’s Got Claws

Chilly electronica just like it used to be in the olden days

Who She?

Kingson Upon Hull’s Micci Lou is a one-woman electronic powerhouse, whose nom de plume ought to give Numan fans a clue as to at least one of the influences behind her proudly self-produced, glacially vocalled icy electronica.

Why She’s Got Claws?

With pals like OMD’s Andy McCluskey singing her praises, and the sprightly ’Synthetic Emotion’ EP out now, it’s looking pretty bright for Ms Claws. The EP represents a refining of her electronic musical urges to the classic Numan/Foxx/League/Ultravox-era of synth pop. The lyrics revisit the same dystopian emotional bleakness of the period, where the detached nature of electronic music’s creation enables heartily glum expressions of various levels of alienation. Fans of synth sadness should seek her out immediately.

Tell Us More

Once known as Miss Chief, she was half of Adrenalin Junkies whose 1999 ‘Electro Tribe’ album was a shouty breakbeat affair in the Prodigy/Chemical Brothers neck of the woods. Her next stop was Paparazzi Whore, a sleaze-core electro/punk outfit who achieved some notoriety thanks to their appearance on BBC3’s ‘Singing With The Enemy’, which paired bands from opposite ends of the musical spectrum to collaborate on a new song together. It didn’t go terribly well, but then that was never the idea, was it? All in all, heading out on her own as She’s Got Claws looks like it might be the purr-fect plan.

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