Deep, dark rumbling aural communcation

Photo: Duncan Cairns-Brenner

Who He?

Michael Red, the Vancouver-based producer, Low Indigo label big tomato and one half of experimental dub duo Chambers. Experimental you say? Oh indeed. His new album, ‘Aquamarine’ isn’t exactly troubled by pop songs, but by crikey, a pair of headphones, a quiet corner, a dark night and you’re not half away with the sound pixies.

Why Souns?

‘Aquamarine’, his debut long-player as a lone ranger, is a rich, deep, throb of a record. Not a beat in sight (although for a moment you think ‘Fade To Light’ might kick in, but no, it just teases), the whole thing is as dark as night and ebbs and flows like it’s alive. Like a firework display waaaaay over there, ‘Untouched’ positively fizzes, while the wind chime tinkles and mic rustling winds of ‘Echos In The Forest (Part 2)’ are Blair Witch spooky. ‘Sun Inside The Sun’ is a twitchy, deep rasp, with shudders and explosions, sounds like, well, a sun inside the sun. Gosh, this stuff is good.

Tell Us More…

While Red makes more four to the floor materiel under his own name, he says he started Souns to “differentiate between dancefloor material and sit down stuff”. How does he know? Souns it seems has been brewing for a while and early doors the difference was “murky”, but he says he can work out if a tune is Souns or not, “no matter how abstract the dancefloor”. If this is the sort of sound he puts to tape, imagine what goes on in his head all the time. Marvellous.

‘Aquamarine’ is released by Subtempo

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