Keeley Forsyth’s latest offering is ‘The Hollow’, a bleakly beautiful and affecting symphony of operatic vocals and windswept soundscapes. Its inspirations? Scott Walker, a remarkable grandmother and an abandoned moorland mineshaft somewhere near Harrogate 

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Retro-futuristic, gorgeously languid, utterly irresistible – Air changed the sonic landscape almost overnight with the release of ‘Moon Safari’ in 1998. Taking a break from performing the album in full on a mammoth world tour, Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin reflect on their robo-romantic masterpiece 
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Inspired by the Bergman flick of the same name, Rival Consoles’ ‘persona’ album moves him one step closer to film soundtracks being his next musical step
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Vince Clarke: Vince Talks Mute

The first time that Vince Clarke met Daniel Miller, the mute boss told him he didn’t like Depeche Mode’s demo tape. thankfully, the basildon boys got a second chance to impress, as the Depeche/Yazoo/Erasure keyboardist recalls in this first person account of his long and fruitful creative relationship with mute