Amon Tobin: Vinyl Campaign

Amon Tobin announces etched one-sided vinyl edition of, ‘A Living Room (Music from Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart)’

Nomark label boss and electronic music legend Amon Tobin has a campaign on the go to fund the pressing of his new mini-LP ‘A Living Room (Music from Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart)’ over on Bandcamp. The 12-inch vinyl features an etched B-side, with 20 minutes of suitably mind-bending music on A-side. The piece was commissioned by Meow Wolf, the US-based creators of immersive art experiences, whose mission is to inspire creativity through art.

Meow Wolf’s latest permanent installation experience is Omega Mart, a surreal supermarket with secret doors leading to other-worldly spaces of weirdness. Tobin’s piece provides the soundscape for one of the spaces, with other artists, including Brian Eno, contributing pieces for different areas.

Omega Mart

“Meow Wolf commissioned me to score a space as a living soundtrack that would morph over a 20-minute period in a physically interactive environment,” he says. “My intention was to make something sympathetic to the space but also music which could exist independently of it, making any room a living room.”

‘A Living Room (Music from Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart)’ is available to stream on Bandcamp, the campaign to get the vinyl pressed has already hit the target, but you’ve got until 20 October to join in the fun and order your copy from the link below.

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