Treasure Trove includes an EDP Wasp and a Yamaha DX1 

British soldering iron wielders Soundgas have been mending and selling vintage synths for over a decade. They’ve been a reliable source of scarce gear which, as they boast, “just works” (because they fixed it).

Now they’re getting into the auction business. Their first event was in July and the next one is happening on September 27 from 4pm (no doubt to make sure that America can join in) and features some very interesting lots with enticing estimates. 

The catalogue includes esoteric pieces like a Hewlett Packard 3581A Sine Wave Analyzer, as used by German electronic musician and YouTube legend Hainbach, with an estimate of £50 – £80, and a load of PAiA modular gear, about which the catalogue wisely says: “given the complexity, rarity and ‘home-made’ nature of these items the buyer should definitely assume there are issues that will need to be sorted out for full functioning of the items.”

Among the more mainstream goodies are an EDP Wasp with an estimate of £900 – £1400 and a monstrous Yamaha DX-1, one of just 140 manufactured, with a starting bid of £16,000 and an estimate of £18,000 to £25,000. We’ve got our eye on the Moog System 35 Reissue, still in its packing crate (estimate £35,000 – £38,000) and perhaps a cheeky Roland Jupiter Four (with a very reasonable estimate of between £1700 and £2700)… assuming our lottery numbers come up this weekend, that is.

Some of the lots have been tested and are working perfectly, some power up but don’t make any sound, or are faulty in some way, some seem to be working OK but Soundgas haven’t fully tested them and so can’t vouch for them being 100 per cent, a fact that’s reflected in some of those attractive low estimates.

“Inevitably we are offered far more equipment than we can service and sell with our warranty,” explains Soundgas co-founder Tony Miln. “This, together with the demise of eBay as a reliable way to sell old gear, led us to found Soundgas Auctions.”

To see the catalogue and register to bid visit

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