Unreleased live mangling of Springsteen classic heralds imminent reissue of the band’s third album

”We’ll fuck it up! Don’t worry about it!“ says Alan Vega as the crowd has a somewhat mixed reaction to him announcing that he and Martin Rev are about to play a cover version of Bruce Springsteen’s best-known tune.

This recording, taken from a show in Paris in 1988, was discovered in the so-called Vega Vaults by Suicide archivist Jared Artaud, and has been added to the vinyl and CD reissue of the band’s third album, 1988’s ‘A Way Of Life’. The reissue will be available on transparent blue vinyl with an art card and two bonus tracks, while CD will feature four bonus tracks.

The album was produced by The Cars’ Rick Ocasek, who had also helmed their second LP, 1980’s ‘Suicide: Alan Vega · Martin Rev’.

”The first session was scheduled for about 2PM” says Rev. ”Ric [Ocasek] wasn’t there yet, only the engineers, so Alan and I just started to warm up and, in the process, started writing some new songs. The engineers decided among themselves to set the recorder rolling and when Ric came in an hour or two later ready to work, he asked the engineers if we had already sound checked. They said, ’Yeah and they basically recorded the whole album‘. Ric was amazed and started immediately to listen to what became the first mixes of ‘A Way of Life‘.”

‘A Way Of Life‘ is released by Mute/BMG on 26 May. Pre-order: https://suicide.lnk.to/AWayOfLifePR

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