Herb Deutsch: 9 February 1932 – 9 December 2022

Co-inventor of the Moog synthesiser dies aged 90

Herbert A. Deutsch first met Bob Moog in 1963. He’d already built a theremin using one of Moog’s mail order kits and approached Moog at a music education conference in New York. The pair started working together shortly afterwards and it was Deutsch who suggested the addition of a keyboard to the synthesiser, an innovation that would create a revolution in music making.

Electronic Sound was in touch with Deutsch in 2020 when we were putting together an issue celebrating the theremin. We interview him and included his track, ‘Longing’ on that month’s seven-inch single. His enthusiasm for the project was obvious throughout. You can read the interview here.

The video above was made by Moog Music Inc. as part of their ‘Giants’ documentary series, and released in February 2022, where Herb reminisces about his role in the history of music making and synthesis.

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