Massive 98-track set with 40 unreleased recordings from ‘Non Stop Erotic Cabaret‘ era

‘Non Stop Erotic Cabaret‘ was first released in November 1981 and was soon established as a foundational statement of the times. It was a huge pop record, going platinum in the the UK and selling hundreds of thousands of copies in the USA too, and remains a key release in the history of British electronic music. It represents a time when minimalist electronic music made by outsiders on an indie label (Some Bizarre) could vault the pop barricades. The album’s seedy subject matter also smuggled into the British mainstream tales from a subversive underground, at a time when Thatcherism was seeking to impose Conservative values on a troubled society.

“The album was the other side of the coin of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain,“ says Marc Almond, “I never felt it was political at the time, but it seems it now. ‘Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret‘ was the secret seedy life that went on behind the mask of Conservative Britain.”

The six-CD boxset brings together a newly remastered rendering of the album, together with demos, sessions, 12-inch versions and the 2021 live performance recorded at Hammersmith Eventim Apollo in 2021.

There will also be two double vinyl editions, one on black vinyl and a limited edition pressed on yellow/blue vinyl.

The boxset and vinyl edition are available to pre-order now at

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