Hominid Sounds

Location: London Est: 2016

Potted History: “I’d been releasing music in the gabber/breakcore scene for years with a project called Ladyscraper,” says label co-owner Wayne Adams. “When I was done with raves and staying out until 6am, I decided to set up a studio to record the DIY bands I’d met over the years.”

Adams, who is half of our favourite drums ’n’ diodes duo, Shitwife, opened the doors of his East London Bear Bites Horse studios meeting the likes of Matt Rideout from Casual Nun and Gordon Watson from Terminal Cheesecake/Luminous Bodies along the way. With pal Graham Dyer, who he met “because he was at every single gig going”, they all fancied starting a label and Hominid Sounds was born.

Mission Statement: “We all have very varied musical backgrounds,” says Adams. “So we put out pretty varied stuff, from weirdo noise rock through to spazzy glitchy electronics, modular drone to full on doom metal. We decided we would release a bulk of records to get things moving, so the name of the game is breaking even so we can release more records. If the label still exists in five years then we are winning.”

Key Artists And Releases: So far the label has released the woozy electro jams of Max Hardy (Adams and cohort Aron Ward of  YCVN and Olanza), the wild modular messages of Mark Dicker’s ‘Frogs Eggs’ and the swirling psyche rock of We Wild Blood’s ‘How About Never?’ album (on pink cassette no less).

“As well as some split 12-inches and a label compilation, we’ve got three vinyl releases lined up,” says Wayne. “Casual Nun, Death Pedals and psych dirge supergroup Melting Hand.”

Future Plans: “There is a massive variety of excellent bands and musicians around at the moment,” offers Adams. “We wanted to create a home for them that wasn’t based around a genre but more of an approach to music. A lot of the music we are interested in isn’t anything too polished, whether it is electronics or a more guitar, bass, drums set-up, It has to have a kind of soul and energy that translates on to record. We are totally in our infancy as a label, but the way I see it every release is a triumph if someone listens to it and takes something away from it.”

For more info, visit hominidsounds.bandcamp.com

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