See Blue Audio

Location: Barcelona, Spain Est: 2019

Potted History: “More than a decade ago, I worked in the dance music scene in London as a journalist, promoter, booking agent and more,” explains label founder Matthew Duffield. 

“The time came to give it up, coinciding with a move to Barcelona. Music is my passion though, so setting up a label seemed like the perfect way to keep a foot in that world without having to rely on it for a living. When the opportunity came up through the encouragement of a close friend, I grabbed it and haven’t stopped for breath.”

Mission Statement: “The musical mission of See Blue Audio is simple – shade rather than light. Or, in other words, ambient, electronic, beatless, cinematic, downtempo, eclectic and introspective. If that sounds a little vague and open-ended, well, it’s deliberately so.

“The name See Blue Audio is a play on words too. See red for anger, see green for envy, see blue for melancholy. All releases on See Blue Audio  must have a melancholy edge, without necessarily being dark. Music from the shady side of the street, shall we say. In principle, every release also has at least one beatless track or remix. The name is also a reference to living beside the Mediterranean Sea, of course.”

Key Artists & Releases: “Simon McCorry, Sulk Rooms, Kuma, f5point6, Rhombus Index and Isolated Community to name a few, and an honorary mention should go to Fragile X and Steve Hadfield for their early releases. 

“We also have artists on the label from Japan, Romania, Canada, France and elsewhere. Out now is the long-form track, ‘The Spirit Of The Young Poets’ by D-Fried, which represents the first release from an artist in Barcelona. Next up is the ‘Azalea’ album on 15 December from Berlin-based Bagaski, who is a regular contributor to See Blue Audio in his distinctive abstract and fragmented electronic style.”

Future Plans: “See Blue Audio has never had a grand plan or destination beyond releasing music from our roster of artists and a few new ones along the way,” says Duffield. “Of course, the objective is to be heard by as wide an audience as possible rather than remaining niche, and to be economically self-sustaining. I suppose the cinematic side of the label might one day find itself in the soundtrack world, which would be a major accomplishment. 

“In the end, it’s simply about putting good music out into the world. After that, it’s in the lap of the gods.”

Any Other Business? “On the advice front to prospective labels, be true to your instincts, release what you believe in, but always have one eye on the zeitgeist. Don’t be a slave to traditional numerology either – the See Blue Audio anthologies are every 16th release, just to be contrary.”

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