Elliott Power

Laidback trip hop/soul hybrid outta west London

Who He?

Fresh from signing to James Lavelle’s recently resurrected Mo’Wax label, Elliott Power is as thrilling as he is diverse. He is, in fact, the very reason Lavelle decided to reinstated the label. If that isn’t enough to entice you, Power’s genre-flitting debut album, ‘Once Smitten’, should do the trick.

Why Elliot Power?

Spanning a broad range of elements, his incoming debut LP ‘Once Smitten’ treads a line from the classic trip hop of early Mo’Wax releases (see ‘Murmur’ and the title track) while serving up his own fresh soulful twist (see the mellower than mellow ‘Unfortunate’). Chuck in minimalist electronica, some breakbeats and a bunch of low, rumbling bass and then put it in the safe hands of Dorian Lutz (aka Mïnk) from the fast-rising NuBrain collective and you have quite a debut.

Tell Us More

Power has been working alongside award-winning in-demand promo director Toby Dye, whose previous credits have included everything from Massive Attack to Lurpak butter. ‘Murmur’ has already been given the Dye treatment in the form of a hazy, noir production (made up of over 25 hours of documentary style footage). Power says it’s meant to act as a reflection on the darker side of London (he hails from the west of the capital), taking influences from classics such as Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver’ and Michael Mann’s neo-noir thriller ‘Collateral’. Put all this together and we’re expecting great things from Elliott Power this year.

‘Once Smitten’ is out on Mo’Wax/Marathon Artists

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