Griff Lynch

Cosy Welsh synthpop with deliciously dark undertow

Who He?

Frontman of Welsh-language psych outfit Yr Ods goes on a solo adventure and brings with him a delightful electronica-fuelled sound. The plan is to release a smattering of singles, the first fruit, ‘Hir Oes Dy Wen’, is out right now.

Why Griff Lynch?

Whether spoken or sung, the Welsh language always sounds so rich, warm and melancholic, which suits our new best friend here as ‘Hir Oes Dy Wen’ (‘Long Live Your Smile’ if you were wondering) is all about losing someone close. It matters not one jot if you don’t speak the lingo, you’ll soon get the idea. The slow-building swirl of the machines running amok behind him are a treat for our new year ears.

Tell Us More

Kicking Glastonbury into a cocked hat when it comes to heritage, the Eisteddfod is the mother of all arts festivals, the first one dating back to a knees-up at Cardigan Castle in 1176. Last August, Yr Ods brought a 40-piece orchestra and a greatest hits set to proceedings and went down a storm. This new project from Lynch feels like the absolute polar opposite of that. Decidedly DIY, just one man and his machines, the results are no less welcome. His hypnotic second single, ‘Don’t Count On Me’, only adds further fuel to the fire… and it’s sung in English too.

‘Don’t Count On Me’ is out on I KA CHING

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