Hazel Mills

Synthpopper partners with big hitters


Bristol multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Hazel Mills has toured the globe with some of electronic music’s biggest names, playing alongside the likes of Goldfrapp, Hannah Peel and The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble. You’ll be pleased to know she is now turning her attention to her own music output, with her forthcoming EP, ‘The Embrace’, arriving chock-full of glistening electropop.

Why Hazel Mills?

Mills has a knack for merging pure pop with experimental sounds. Her torch-song vocals tell deep, forlorn tales of love with the strangeness of Kate Bush, the epic lifts of Eurythmics, and instrumentation that chimes like a Ryuichi Sakamoto soundscape. Yet underneath it all is big, emotional and accessible pop. This is perfectly captured on ‘The Embrace’, which explores a battle between technology and nature. “Perhaps my eco-anxiety just wants to find a way to unite them,” she says. Subtle found sounds (swirling water, knocking wood) fight with electro beats and warped vocal samples. ‘Enclosure’, the lead track, is a particularly optimistic take on this theme, harnessing big 1980s synthpop with the uneasy synth notes of Nine Inch Nail’s downbeat moments, all with soaring vocals. Mills makes complexity sound simple.

Tell Us More…

‘The Embrace’ isn’t an isolated solo effort, though. With the kind of collaborators at her disposal, she’d be mad to not use them, and she worked on the EP with producer/engineer TJ Allen (Portishead, Bat For Lashes, Hannah Peel), while Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory plays synths on ‘Fragile Creature’. Alex Thomas, drummer with acts as diverse as Bolt Thrower, John Cale and Air, adds live drums on several tracks.

‘The Embrace’ EP is released via Bandcamp

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