Cinematic ambient soundscapes

Photo: Rachel Israela

Who She?

Live performer, DJ and composer, Taiwanese electronic creative Jing discovered a passion for music at an early age during her tenure working at a music store in Taipei. She writes short stories then creates an aural soundscape to go with them, a winding ambient journey, she says, “like a short film without the visuals”.

Why Jing?

No better example of her musical landscapes is her new 12-inch ‘Adularescence’, released on techno guru Steve Bicknell’s 6dimensions label. The record is jittering, dark and even psychedelic in places; an intense journey of Jing’s own unnerving, beatless techno. Says here that while the record is “colourful”, it “represents a black and white cult classic filled with emotions”. She says that, to her, it conjures images of “a suffocating man who cannot scream”. Well, nobody said it was all Enid Blyton, did they?

Tell Us More…

Jing draws on various influences which range from fiction to, unsurprisingly, cult films. She’s performed at numerous underground gigs, festivals and clubs and is “an explorer, out to share her creations”. To pursue her musical endeavours, she relocated from Taiwan to Europe, arriving in Berlin and forming an electronic dreampop band Polygothica. She’s also a member of performance collective UNDO when she’s not experimenting with her own solo releases. And her name? “My grandma went blind before I was born,” she explains. “She knows my voice better than I do. I believe the ‘Jing’ in her mind is a deeper version of myself, and one I aim to keep on discovering.”

‘Adularescence’ is out on 6dimensions

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