Lauren Doss

London-based experimental vocalist

Photo: Marcus Hessenberg

Who they?

London-born, but raised in the US by her musically talented single mum (more on her later), Lauren Doss is an artist whose explorations with voice and modular electronics have really caught our ears. She’s worked with the likes of Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan (the pair shared a studio and are great friends), Luke Abbot and the south London Rambert Dance Company. 

Why Lauren Doss?

Because expressive movement is in her blood. “The vibration between your body, your emotion and your environment is very powerful and direct,” says Doss, who trained in dance from the age of two. Over the last five years she’s been composing with movement in mind. She tells us that as a dancer she’d “digested so much musicality through movement, I wanted my music to be a physical, rather than cerebral experience”. Which makes sense when you hear her sing. Wordless yet celestial and profoundly expressive, her looped, layered and multi-tracked vocals are delivered as if it was a musical instrument, in direct inspiration from the teachings of educationalist Émile Jaques-Dalcroze’s eurhythmics method.

Tell us more…

Doss grew up surrounded by music. Her mum was a vocalist in The Buggles and she always took her daughter to hang out in the studio during recording sessions. Naturally, Doss Jnr got the bug. Uber-producer/Buggle Hans Zimmer was a big influence too, and Doss cut her production teeth working at his Remote Control Productions facility in LA. And when you hear her self-produced album ‘Voices’, you’ll know that she paid attention while there. The clarity and trance-inducing depth she creates on her debut release, not to mention the sense of epic drama, is impressive and surely marks her out for big things.

‘Voices’ is out on Salmon Universe

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