Sun Rose

Heady electropop brewed in Scotland

Who They?

The Glasgow-based trio of Gus Wemyss, Calum Muir and Albert Kawmi used to operate as an outfit called Nevada Base, who our ears on the ground tell us were “much adored but rather petered out due to other commitments”. Seems they’ve regrouped and have been working on new material for a while.

Why Sun Rose?

The first fruit, a single called ‘Smirk’ has just popped up on one of our favourite labels, Last Night From Glasgow. When LNFG suggest we should give something a listen, it’s usually a treat. ‘Smirk’ is bit Associates, slight Oakey-like vocal rumble, lovely rolling bassline, even a touch of ABBA euphoria as it erupts towards the end. It feels like one of those early 80s remix, something Martin Rushent would have had his paws all over.

Tell Us More

There’s an album on the way, ‘Paradise Gifts’ is scheduled for an autumn release. We’ve had a sneak preview and can safely report its a proper piece of work, grooves meet tunes, it’ll be as easy at home as on the dancefloor. Wait until you hear the locked down vocal ticks of ‘Dry In The Water’. It is an LP that has though been a while in the making though. Albert and Calum started work on it 2013, the project stalled, until Gus revived it in 2015. Initial mixes were complete last summer and it was finally mastered earlier this year.
“We like to take our time,” laughs Gus.

“Suffice to say we’re already looking forward to album number two,” claims Albert, “though we might try and speed up the creative process this time by setting our arppegiators to randomise.”

‘Smirk’ is out on Last Night From Glasgow

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