The Silver Field

DIY electronica with lo-fi loops

Who they?

The Silver Field is the work of Derbyshire’s Coral Rose,  a multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter with a penchant for tape loops.

Why The Silver Field?

Rose released her first album, ‘Rooms’, in 2019 through Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label. Concerning itself with the “liberation and loss” of growing up and coming out, ‘Rooms’ was a many-layered affair, constructed using a reel-to-reel machine bought from a car boot sale for £1, a bagpipe chanter, a breath-powered analogue synth, childhood musical toys and whatever else she could lay her creative hands on. The result was an intensely personal listen, her distinctive voice occupying an amorphous space between the shrouded diaristic outpourings of a poet and the plaintive stylings of the folk singers she grew up listening to. Musically, it was much the same, with densely-packed, overlapping sounds of obscure provenance adding rich, emotive currents of detail to her songs.

Tell us more…

‘Sing High! Sing Low!’ comes from a similar place.  The same foundation tape loops that gave ‘Rooms’ its distinctive colour are back, but despite the commonality of source material and connected lyrical themes, the new album is at once brighter, less intensely introspective, but still no less personal. Rose’s vocals on the new songs have gained a more naked, less obfuscated quality, with a sensitive edge on the standout ‘Salt Light’. Then there’s ‘Day Flowers’ that recalls the tender, ethereal musings of Nick Drake. And if ‘Hearth Bite’ if anything to go by, wherein Rose takes a dreamlike trawl through deep relationship ruminations over a muffled, prowling synth bassline, we’ll be awaiting her next release with excitement.

‘Sing High! Sing Low!’ is out now on Crossness 

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