William Arcane

Downtempo soulful pop beats sets Londoner up for bright 2017

Who He?

Up-and-coming London-based artist/producer, William Arcane is all soulful vocals and downtempo pop beats. His recent ‘Hourglass’ EP landed to heaps of praise and with a Jame Blake-esque edge to him, he should be definitely on your radar.

Why William Arcane?

He’s been gaining notoriety among names that should get your ears pricked. His single ‘Reflected’ was earmarked by Bonobo on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, as well as both Jamie xx and John Talabot including it on their Space In Ibiza Mixes. Since leaving London, he’s been doing some behind the scenes twiddling for the up and coming likes of Nao, Rosie Lowe and Denai Moore among others, as well as composing for film and television.

Tell Me More

‘Hourglass’ was the result of a relationship he was in coming to an end. He left the Big Smoke, booked himself a small cottage on the Pembrokeshire coast and committed himself to solitude for a whole three weeks. The name ‘Hourglass’ comes from the feeling that there was a constantly narrowing window of time in which he had to reconcile his relationship. “I nearly didn’t release them because they felt so personal,” he offers, “and I thought it would make me very vulnerable, however I decided that everything would crystalise from releasing it for others to hopefully draw something from.” With its soft-edged compositions and textures, mark my words; you’ll be hearing a lot more from Mr Arcane in 2017.

‘Hourglass’ is out on Trace The Line

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