New album imminent

Elizabeth Bernholz, the Twin they call Gazelle, has a new album, ‘Black Dog’, out on 27 October, and today has released the first song and video , ‘Fear Keeps Us Alive‘. It’s a creepy surveillance-quality outing with all of Bernholz’s queasy and disquieting sonics fully present.

The fear, she says, is “daily, constant, almost mundane common fear among women. I have often connected this lifelong feeling to the sense of a ghostly male presence that lurks in my dreams. Women are – and always have been – constantly haunted by the potential of being harmed.”

The album mines friends’ tales of ghosts, and the uncanny netherworld of hauntings, poltergeists and possession for what sounds like a perfect Halloween listening experience.

Pre-order ‘Black Dog’ here.

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