Gareth Jones ‘Electrogenetic’ (Calm + Collect)

The renowned producer Gareth Jones’ work with the likes of Depeche Mode, John Foxx and Nick Cave has granted him a lofty status. But after several ostensibly anonymous decades behind the control desk, he’s struck out and made something entirely for himself. This intensely personal, seamlessly flowing instrumental work is built around sampled, delicate refrains from his late mother’s piano and Jones’ own voice, and reflects with great intelligence on grief, loss and time’s inexorable passage.

With an armoury of top-drawer analogue gear at the disposal of his deft production hand, you won’t be surprised to hear that this is compelling stuff. Deeply atmospheric, emotionally attuned and ambitious, the sound Jones conjures falls somewhere between a pensive Vangelis and a more naturalistic Kraftwerk. 

You’ll hear echoes of ‘Radioactivity’ on the dazzlingly atmospheric ‘Goonhilly’ as well as standout ‘Trinity’, alongside beautifully judged found sounds, ethereal choral sequences and intense electronics. Worth the wait. 

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