Aero Flynn

Lush textured, psych-folk splashed dreampop

photo: cameron wittig

Who He?

Josh Scott – from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and more latterly based in Chicago – is Aero Flynn. He started out in a band called Amateur Love and is a close musical compadre of Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, who has produced Scott’s self-titled debut album. The record features a raft of Bon Iver players, so let’s take top-drawer musicianship as a given. Bodes well so far, right?

Why Aero Flynn?

‘Aero Flynn’ is, in a word, dazzling. Expect uptempo experimental pop tendencies and analogue synth textures brilliantly fused with washes of psych-folk haziness. If you enjoyed the grandiose, landscaped depth of War On Drugs’ 80s-informed breakthrough ‘Lost In The Dream’ and also dig Beach House and Wild Beasts, you’ll definitely want to hear this.

‘Aero Flynn’ club-bangs, psych-jams and cathedral-shivers. It sounds like it could have been made by someone who grew up on a lunar outpost listening to Robert Wyatt and Thom Yorke Earth-tapes. And that’s probably as much as you need to know.

Tell Us More

It’s quite a story. The big time beckoned for Josh Scott and Amateur Love, whose members also played alongside Justin Vernon in his pre-Bon Iver band, DeYarmond Edison. Scott wrote the song ‘Lip Parade’ as referenced in the lyrics to Bon Iver’s Grammy-nominated ‘Holocene’. But things didn’t exactly fall into place. We’ve heard tales of breakdowns, deep depression and a mystery illness. This much history surely goes some way to informing Aero Flynn’s captivatingly singular sound. And from where we’re standing, it has every chance of catching fire this year.

‘Aero Flynn’ is out on Ooh La La Records

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