AM Boys

Scintillating analogue synth excursions

photo: doug YOUNG


Based in New York, AM Boys are John Blonde and Chris Moore. The former was a member of American electropop outfit House Of Blondes, while producer/engineer Moore has recorded under various solo guises, most recently as Light Vortex. After meeting at an Aphex Twin listening party, the pair bonded immediately. “We had instant chemistry and very quickly began writing and recording together,” says Blonde. “The first thing we wrote was ‘AM Theme’, and our excitement after that electric moment led to everything else. It felt right to name ourselves after our first song.”

Why AM Boys?

Rooted in sparse but hugely atmospheric electronics, their debut album, 2022’s ‘Distance Decay’, is exquisitely crafted. Recorded at Blonde and Moore’s Glowmatic Sound studio in Brooklyn, it combines “analogue synths, drum machines, space echo and voice” to shimmeringly radiant effect, with more than a nod to ‘Autobahn’-era Kraftwerk (check out the propulsive ‘Last Night’) and early Human League. “We just work off each others’ energy and improvise to create songs that appeal to both of us,” explains Blonde. “To us, synths and electronic music are still futuristic.”

Tell Us More…

Building on their “ecstatic minimalism” approach, AM Boys hope to release their second album, ‘Present Phase’, later this year. In the meantime, they continue to play regular live shows in NYC. “We made a video for ‘Traveler’ from ‘Distance Decay’ last year that we described as being ‘what the electricity looks like inside our synths’,” says Blonde. “We want to extend that vibe by incorporating a visual component to our live performances. We’re also exploring starting a new monthly series where we’d invite electronic artists to play live and have DJs spin similar music. We want to connect and hear the music everyone is making and listening to in person.” Ones to watch, for sure.

‘Distance Decay’ is out on Glowmatic

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