NZCA Lines

Infectious synthpop strokes from a sci-fi fixated London soulboy

Photo: Laura McCluskey

Who They?

NZCA Lines is the vision of Londoner Michael Lovett, an avid reader of Ballard and Arthur C. Clarke who has the most luxuriant hair since Phil Oakey’s 1981 vintage fringe. Former guitarist in Beach Boys-obsessed wannabe indie stars Your Twenties, Lovett went solo when the group failed to register, got caught up in everything from wonky nu-disco to perfectly-poised 80s pop and he found himself playing with the likes of Metronomy and Christine And The Queens.

Why Nzca Lines?

We had you at synthpop, sci-fi and great 80s hair, but there’s more! Released earlier this year, his second album ‘Infinite Summer’ literally has it all. With Charlotte Hatherley, formerly of Ash, and Hot Chip drummer Sarah Jones (pictured) as frequent collaborators, the record is packed with evocative French poetry, funky-but-clinical foot-twitching tracks and jangly euphoria. And just when you think it’s one sax solo away from making a complete nod back to Scritti Politti, a brass section is swiftly ushered in. It’s a lot like being fashionably late to all the best parties and nightclub openings of the last 30 years.

Tell Us More

The singles from ‘Infinite Summer’ have just received the remix treatment from, among others, Boredom, Lovett’s mates Metronomy and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve’s Richard Norris. As the autumn chill begins its slow descent, ‘Infinite Remixes’ keeps the best party in town going just that little bit longer.

‘Infinite Remixes’ is out on Memphis Industries

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