The Comet Is Coming

Sonic explosion that’s putting the “fun” into “space funk”

photo: Fabrice Bourgelle

Who They?

Self defined “apocalyptic space funk” band, The Comet Is Coming is made up of three prophetic members: Danalogue the Conqueror, Betamax Killer and King Shabaka. With a unique, vibrant aesthetic – think Space Invaders, 70s sci-fi, post-punk, 80s electronica – this lot are exciting, loud and joyful and they’re here to be your soundtrack to the end of the world.

Why The Comet Is Coming?

Their ‘Prophecy’ EP, a five-track asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere late last year on Tony Morley’s double-decade-celebrating Leaf Label, is packed full of all manner of extra terrestrial noises, squelches, keys, drums and a frantic saxophone that all join together to create fiery, planet-breaking electro-funk… seriously, I can go further with these space analogies if you like. Lead track, ‘Neon Baby’, waves happily at the oncoming apocalypse – a raw, crazed rhythm described by their people as being “as seismic as an earthquake, as heady as a timeless ritual”.

Tell Us More

Working together since 2013, the trio have between them played in a plethora of outfits including Leaf lablemates Melt Yourself Down and Polar Bear. Having already shared a bill with Squarepusher and going down a (meteor) storm at the Transmusicale festival in Rennes in December, never mind whether the comet is coming, if they carry on like this, they’re very welcome to stay.

The ‘Prophecy’ EP is out on The Leaf Label

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