Dizzying video and new EP from unique machine-maker

Instrument builder, thinker and creator of gorgeous electronic music Lomond Campbell has a new EP, ‘Interference Patterns’, out on One Little Independent. It’s a collection of alternative tracks and remixes from his excellent ‘Under This Hunger Moon We Fell‘.

“‘Under This Hunger Moon We Fell’ was very much a studio project“ says Campbell, “so when it came to playing the tracks live, I had to completely reimagine them. These parallel versions had a very different feel to them, so I decided to record them in single takes and film the sessions to try and capture the live energy. We decided to marry the four live tracks up with four interconnected tracks that were contenders for ‘Under This Hunger Moon We Fell‘ at the time of writing it.

“The artwork and title of this record refers to the double-slit science experiment which illustrates the phenomenon in quantum mechanics that appears to suggest single particles being able to exist in two places at once. Total mind bender.”

You can also see Campbell playing a live session in the Electronic Sound studio here, with his Unsung Machine, a beautiful device made of wood and brass.

You can check it out over on bandcamp, where there’s also a limited edition cassette version available: lomondcampbell.bandcamp.com

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