Future-facing French Indiana Joneses

Who they?

This frenetic Parisian indie dance trio claim to be archaeologists from the future decrypting the codices of 21st century dance-oriented pop. It’s a bold claim, but thankfully they have the musical chops to back it up. The music is all over the place, in a good way. From woozy, psychedelic trance to pounding, apocalyptic sonic terror with a distorted voice exhorting you to “come together and destroy yourselves” in French (“unissez-vous, détruisez-vous!” on the song ‘Sympacide’). Along the way there are references from antiquity to the imaginary future; the Aztecs to robots of the Armageddon. 

Why Pion?

Their debut album ‘22:22’ is a smart, irreverent, slightly nihilistic rollercoaster that pokes fun at the benighted universe we seem to be being dragged back to. Having conquered Parisian dancefloors with a mercurial 2015 banger called ‘Ravi’ in a previous five-piece incarnation called Blind Digital Citizen, these three school friends – Louis Delorme, François Devulder and Charles Templier – have consolidated everything that was great about their previous band by stripping away the dead wood. Et voila… Pion.

Tell us more…

The titular ‘22:22’ is in reference to an obscure verse from the ‘Book Of Exodus’: “You shall not mistreat any widow or orphan”. It’s not all fire and damnation though – their recent single ‘Coca Loca’ is a nod to the folly of late capitalism impelled by a didactic groove, and there’s an entertaining video too which can be found on YouTube, at least until someone at The Coca-Cola Company sees it.

‘22:22’ is released out on Enterprise

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